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Welcome to the website of Union Royale Belge des Sociétés de Football Association (hereafter URBSFA).

URBSFA undertakes to respect the privacy of the visitors to its website in accordance with current legislation (Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy and its implementing decrees).



By the simple fact of visiting the website of URBSFA, you acknowledge and accept the privacy policy set out below, which implies in particular that you authorize URBSFA to process the personal data which you transmit to it over this website, for example in online forms, e-mail messages sent to the e-mail addresses of URBSFA and/or its divisions, Voetbal Federatie Vlaanderen (VFV) and Association des Clubs Francophones de Football (ACFF), cookies, entries in games and competitions, etc.  

URBSFA may change the content of this document at any time according to changes in the services it offers or the way in which it operates its website. We therefore advise you to visit this page regularly to see any changes that are made.


Processing of personal data

Our website may be visited freely or after registering, which gives the visitor access to personalized services.

When you register on our website, you will be asked to supply various personal details (user name, e-mail address, name and first name, date of birth, address, etc).

This information is stored in a database. With your permission, URBSFA may use this information to send you its newsletter, give you details about the services provided by its partners, or for marketing purposes. URBSFA may transmit these data to third parties in the context of contractual relations between URBSFA and those third parties, insofar as the transmission of those data is expressly provided for.

Once you are registered on our website, you may create a personalized page using various tools that are proposed (installation of blocks containing your favourite information). Details of your preferences are recorded for the sole purpose of allowing you to create and use your personalized page and may not be processed for other purposes.

Several options are shown on the page where you can register:

  • The first allows you to receive our newsletter
  • The second allows you to receive information about the partners of URBSFA
  • The third option is where you give your consent to use your personal details for commercial purposes

You may change your profile at any time on the relevant page and modify your preferences.

When you contact us using an online contact form or an e-mail address of URBSFA, VFV or ACFF, you send us personal data (e-mail address, telephone number, etc).

Those data are not stored in a database and are used by our staff for the sole purpose of answering your queries.

When you enter for a game or competition on our website, the personal data which you transmit to us are used exclusively for the purposes of this game or competition. They may be communicated to third parties in the context of their contractual relations with URBSFA insofar as they concern the organization – in the broadest sense of the word – of the game or competition.


Data processing declaration

URBSFA has filed several data processing declarations with the Privacy Commission for the databases which it manages. Those declarations may be consulted at


Data storage

The data are stored on the servers of URBSFA for as long as is necessary to provide the services offered. Registered users who wish to deregister may request this by using the contact form under the section “Website”. Once this request is processed, all personal data are destroyed.

Personal data that are supplied to us when you enter for a game or competition are stored for as long as is required for the purposes of the game or competition and afterwards for as long as is required to verify the terms and conditions of the competition if necessary (for example in case of legal action). For this purpose, please consult the terms and conditions of games and competitions.


Data security

We implement the necessary security measures to protect the data which you entrust to us. Nevertheless, the process of transmitting data over the Internet is not entirely without risk. Personal data may be intercepted or diverted over the Internet without our knowledge. In using our website, you acknowledge that you are perfectly aware of the risks connected with the Internet and that you accept those risks.

You should also bear in mind that the data that are transmitted over the Internet from and to our website are not encrypted.

We advise the utmost caution when using the Internet. In this respect, we wish to point out that you are asked to give personal information only for the purposes of the registration procedure and on the web page reserved to this end. You will never be asked to supply or confirm such data by e-mail or any other means of communication. We also advise you not to use links that are contained in e-mail messages and that direct you to pages where you are asked to provide personal data.

Finally, we should also point out that it is your responsibility to take appropriate security measures to protect you against intrusion (installation of a regularly updated antivirus program, firewall, etc).


Protection of minors

The legal representatives of minors are asked to supervise their use of the Internet. It is their responsibility to restrict access to various sites or services of which they consider the content and/or use inappropriate.

In its concern to protect underage children, URBSFA will not use for commercial purposes personal data of minors that were communicated to it during the registration procedure on its website, even if it was authorized to do so during registration or by a change in the user’s profile page.



Cookies are small files that are sent to the hard disk of your computer by the server hosting the website you visit.

You can change the parameters of your browser to prevent the installation of cookies. In addition, your browser allows you to delete cookies that have already been installed on your computer.

Our website uses three types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: these cookies keep the session of a registered user open
  • Convenience cookies: these cookies make browsing easier by recording some of your user preferences (language used, user name, etc)
  • Statistics cookies: these cookies help us to record details about the use of our website (most frequently viewed pages, number of unique visitors to our site, etc). These data may be collected by partners of URBSFA. As their name suggests, they may only be used for statistical purposes and cannot be used to identify visitors to the website.

As a general rule, blocking of cookies does not prevent you from browsing our website, unless they are session cookies, which are necessary to allow and maintain access to personalized functions on the website that are reserved for registered users.

Ce site participe à l’Etude CIM Internet. Les sites qui reprennent le logo  rassemblent des données sur le nombre de visiteurs et de pages visitées à l’aide de cookies. Un cookie est un petit fichier texte qui est placé par un serveur sur le disque dur de votre ordinateur. Aucun logiciel supplémentaire n’est installé. Un cookie n’endommage en rien votre matériel ou les programmes que vous utilisez.
Les données qui sont récoltées dans le cadre de cette étude sont tout à fait anonymes. Elles servent uniquement à la comparaison du nombre de visiteurs sur les sites participants. Vous trouverez de plus amples informations sur l’étude et sur les résultats de la mesure sur  le site du CIM.



Our website contains hyperlinks to websites run by partners of URBSFA or by third parties with which URBSFA has no contractual relations (such as hyperlinks to various social networks). These hyperlinks are proposed for your information or convenience. Similarly, other sites may contain hyperlinks to our own website.

URBSFA has no control over those sites and their content. If you visit those sites or use the functionalities that are specific to them, it is your responsibility to check their privacy policy.


Right of rectification and access

You have the right to access and rectify data that concern you. This means that, by simple request and free of charge, we will grant you access to those data and that you may ask to rectify or complete them.

You may address your requests to us in the manner shown below.



If you have questions, remarks or complaints about the way in which your personal data are handled, you may contact us by using the contact form under the section “Legal Affairs” or by letter to this address:

145 Avenue Houba de Strooper
1020 Brussels
VAT ID number: BE0403543160